• Albert Bryan Dela Cruz


    • DESCRIPTION: This half horse and half pegasus is now in the city! Using his powers, he can do good to the other dragons.
    • ELEMENTS: Nature, Light, Electric
    • CATEGORY: 5
    • HATCHING: 95 hrs.
    • BREEDING: 103 hrs.
    • STATUS: Breed-able (thru Centre lvl. 5)
    • COST IN SHOP: 1.5 k 💎


    • DESCRIPTION: This purely evil dragon has the force of the E.V.I.L in the city. Risen above the melted metal in the volcano, his eyes will melt you!
    • ELEMENTS: Nature, War, Dark
    • CATEGORY: 5
    • HATCHING: 98 hrs.
    • BREEDING: 105 hrs.
    • STATUS: Breed-able (thru Centre lvl. 5)
    • COST IN SHOP: 1.5 k 💎


    • DESCRIPTION: The lovely girl in the river is now here! Just a glance for her will make her inloved!
    • ELEMENTS: Sea, Nature, Ice
    • CATEGORY: 5
    • HATCHING: 56 hrs.
    • BREEDING: 77 hrs. …

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  • Jens Ingels

    Game Idea Sandbox

    July 2, 2013 by Jens Ingels

    • Physical Attack are now replaced by normal attacks
    • Elemental Attack can now be special of physical

    • Less Power
    • Chance on stunning the target

    • Default Power

    • Sumo Dragon
    • Twister Dragon (design based on hikmontop from pokémon)


    • Legendary (special) Sumo (physical)
    • Mirror (physical)
    • Crystal (special)
    • Wind (special) Twister (physical)
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  • Reaper of shadows

    Mini- Quiz

    June 1, 2013 by Reaper of shadows

    1. I'm a powerful dragon, hard to breed.

    a) Poo

    b) Crystal

    c) Pure

    2. Dragon with 3 Elements.

    a) Angry

    b) Poo

    c) Lava

    Help: It's hard to breed.

    3. I have fire element, im available in Deus Vault.

    a) Dujur Dragon

    b) King Dragon

    c) Quetzal Dragon

    4.  The undefeated Dragon

    _ _ _ _ _ _

    5. First Dragon.

    _ _ _ _ _

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